Bread Furst, now in construction, will open early in 2014.  It will be a neighborhood bakery located in the upper northwest of Washington, serving Van Ness, Forest Hills, Tenley, Chevy Chase (and all others who find they like it).  We hope—we think that many Washingtonians will like it as it will offer breads, pastries, desserts, morning foods for quick take-away, coffee, ice cream and soda fountain drinks, and a modest line of foods for take-home.

Although the opening of Bread Furst is being led by Mark Furstenberg, its staff will include bakers, pastry chefs, and savory chefs who have given long service to Washington.

This series of regular short essays will chronicle the development of Bread Furst, telling pretty frankly the story week by week of the emergence of a new small business.

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  2. I hear you on the radio this morning. I wonder if you have a place for one person who would love to learn to bake bread and pastries. I had some training at the Academie de Cuisine. Marie

  3. I could hardly wait for this Bakery to open. I watched and waited for months! Today, sat., 5/10′ I made my fourth trip to bread Furst. I am soooooo very disappointed I could cry. Today at 10:45AM, the place was mobbed, long lines, I saw no pastries, just bread. No clear path as to where to place your order, where to pay, where to just order coffee. Total chaos! I walked out with NOTHING! Similar situations on my other visits, only yesterday afternoon, I was successfully able to order a blondie and a cucumber soda, but had to ask first where to order and where to pay. It’s not only about great bread, it’s about customer satisfaction. I’ll bet the morning commuters will head on to Starbucks for good food and coffee in an orderly and timely manner.

    • Like you, I could hardly wait for Bread Furst to open.

      This is our fifth day and in our first four days we sold out of breads and pastries. Each day we made more bread and more pastries than the day before. Certain of what Saturday would bring we made as much bread and morning pastry as we could and we were swamped with wonderful customers.

      We have doubled our production since Tuesday and we will continue to increase it. But we are going to continue making breads and pastries as well as we can and sacrifice quantity as we must.

      Crowded spaces are chaotic. After five days of existence we don’t know enough yet about our business to be as efficient as we will be. Starbucks is, as you say, more orderly. But we and Starbucks are not, as economists like to say, perfect substitutes.

  4. Mark, thank you for the prompt response. Since my last post, I went back to Bread Furst on Sunday around AM. No crowds, a few muffins and cookies. Got a Cappuccino without any delay. However, there were coffee grinds at the bottom of my coffee cup when I finished it. I went back this AM, (11AM), the store is finally developing an ordering and paying system and more baked items, beside bread, available. I got an ice coffee. Some of the food cases starting to get filled. Menus on the walls. I am so happy to see the Bakery get better and better each time I visit.

    Some suggestions: supply the coffee fixings table with Stevia in the Raw sugar substitute. It is the healthiest and natural sweeter. I know you are not interested in making gluten free, or low calorie/carb breads, but would you consider a coconut flour bread? It is low carb……but it makes fabulous French Toast. Just toast it, sprinkle with cinnamon and some raspberries, no syrup necessary.

  5. Hi Mark !
    I discover your amazing bread few weeks ago in DC.
    I am a French chef living in Chicago .
    Is it possible to buy your flour somewhere around here to make bread ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer
    Have a good day
    Benoit Fliou

  6. Mark, I visit Bread Furst regularly for lunch during weekdays. I have never enjoyed eating food anywhere as much as I enjoy your food. It is delicious, and full of amazing flavors. I eat a wide variety of food at lunch that I wouldn’t attempt to eat anywhere else, everything is fresh and satisfying. I’m hoping you will consider creating a cook book. Life changes, restaurants come and go, however I hope to enjoy your cuisine for many years. Thank you for making a food investment in our community. If I have a particularly difficult day, I take a walk, enter your door, and take a deep breath. Is like being home.

    All the best to you and to your team at Bread Furst,

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