Off and Trudging

BreadFurstTrenchOur building permit was issued just after the new year began and we launched as quickly as we could into the first job, installation of water lines in the trenches we had dug in the concrete floor while we waited for the permit.

We were able as well to construct the rubberized barrier that will reduce the dangers of water seeping from the carwash next door into our walls.

The District’s process for examining drawings for building renovation and approving them is a slow one and not abundantly staffed.  Having submitted our application early in October, we had hoped we would be able to obtain our permit before the holidays began.  But we didn’t get it and therefore were begging for attention during that period in which nearly everyone turns attention to the holidays.

I wish I could say that our permit’s having been issued so late was D.C.’s fault but frankly I think we weren’t nearly as vigorous as we might have been.

This is a costly mistake.  We are not going to open before Valentine’s Day.  We will be doing well to open before Passover and Easter.


5 thoughts on “Off and Trudging

  1. Please open as soon as you are ready. We can’t wait to catch the aroma of fresh baked pain wafting through the air of early spring.

  2. If you open in April you might make small round matzoh, even chocolate covered, as one of your offerings. I was once in a village in Italy where the baker did just that.

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